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The Shoe

El Zapato de Lona. The Ecuadorian street shoe.

Like the flip-flop is to Rio, this simple canvas lace-up is to cities like Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Worn by the working class, day in, day out, they’re an iconic part of the landscape - part functional necessity, part social signifier.

Juntos embraces this heritage and brings it to you, refining and repurposing the design while preserving everything that makes the shoe, the shoe.

That’s why you’ll find a map of Ecuador on the inside of every pair, so you never forget where they came from.

It’s also why for every pair sold, we donate an education pack filled with crucial school supplies to a local child – a small way of giving back to the places where we find our inspiration.

To us, that’s the real meaning of an ethical footprint.


Walk on the light side. Natural cushion for uncommon comfort.

Banana Tree

Sustainable tree fiber & 100% organic cotton join for a harmless journey.

Sugar Cane

Sweet for your feet. Ultra flexible and safe for planet after the trek is complete.

With every purchase made, an education backpack filled with crucial school supplies is donated to an at-risk child in the source region.

Simple Purpose: Educate

For every Juntos pair sold, an education pack is given to an at-risk child in the source region.


So, because we discovered an amazing canvas street shoe in Guayaquil, Ecuador, a child in that city gets a backpack.

Supplies for a Year

Filled with a year’s supply of pens, pencils, notepads and other basic but crucial educational tools so often taken for granted, this resource allows a child to participate more fully and effectively in school.